• Open Dialog in Dynamics CRM — (Supported Way)

    Hey guys, welcome to the first part of my JavaScript series. In this blog post, I will share a code that I implemented this week.  Here is how you could open a dialog in Dynamics CRM with javascript based on a field value on an event. You can use the windows.open() method, by passing the url into the method as a variable. In this case, … [Read more…]

  • Quick Note: Tips for new DynamicsCRM developer

    I’ll be starting a JavaScript series on DynamicsCRM for new developers in the coming week. Here are a few tips to help anybody who decides to be a DynamicsCRM developer. This is my own opinion you can get a lot of other useful resources and tips with a simple google search. First things first only write code when necessary. Only write code when necessary: I … [Read more…]