Aye!!! First Post…

Oh boy! Only if you guys know how many times, I have tried to create a blog but didn't get it done not because I didn't have the technical abilities or the content I want deliver. It was all because, I chose to be lazy, procrastination at it's max and learning some cool new stuff(to be in my defense).  


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu 

I'm glad I finally got it done, and it's here to stay lol. Just a brief of what to expect from this site/blog/note. It's not going to be a full It blown Dynamics CRM content.  

I'll be posting a few things about finance, forex, book reviews, Xamarin and other fun stuff be on the lookout. I'm also open to anything you'll like me to write about . 


On that note, I welcome you, with warm regards. 


---Positive Vibes Only.

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